Sean remains the #1 agent at the Lido for listings and sales, and he's excited to help many more homeowners in 2013!

If you have any thoughts of buying please contact Sean Zanganeh. He has been eagerly helping local buyers searching for units at the Lido in Mission Valley. This cosmopolitan complex overlooks the beautiful San Diego River, has relaxing pool/lounge/spa areas, an awesome fitness center, and great trails to stroll or ride. Recent buyers were pleased with their buying process and thankful Sean was able to help them find their perfect home at the Lido.

Sean has also been able to help Lido homeowners sell their property in exchange. If you have any thoughts of selling please call Sean Zanganeh today 858.229.6063. He has cash and conventional buyers (regardless of the litigation) who can purchase a Lido unit with very little stress for you. His buyers are interested in all the models at the Lido and can act very quickly. His buyers can close in as little as 10 days or allow for up to sixty days for you to move or give tenants notice (Sean will help with that too). Sean Zanganeh is the number one realtor at the Lido for listings, buyers, leases, and short sales. His buyers are flexible, and Sean can help with your next home purchase in San Diego.

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